Krieg Barrie

Reading for refreshment

Books | To guide your summer getaway book selections, try this formula: E=FB²
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/13/19, 03:08 pm

I tend to walk on beaches rather than sit on them, but my suggested formula for those who read as the tide rolls in is E=FB², with E standing for entertainment (which is sometimes educational), F for fiction, and B for Bible and baseball.

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A mess on the shelves

Activism | Public libraries are enthusiastically joining the LGBTQ crusade
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/12/19, 04:53 pm

I drove to the library for a book by Max Lucado that might help me with my puppet show. I asked the librarian if she had heard of him. She said yes. We walked together to the “L’s” and she went through the motions of looking, but no Lucado was to be found between the Longs and Ludvigs.

What I did spot was a large free-standing rack of children’s fare dedicated to LGBTQ topics. 

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The meaning of death

Books | Sorting out our significance as image-bearers
by Matthew McCullough
Posted 6/08/19, 10:31 am

Matthew McCullough in Remember Death: The Surprising Path to Living Hope asks, “How can you enjoy anything about life if you know that, in the end, the more you love something the more it will hurt when you lose it?” Buddhists say the answer is non-attachment to anyone and anything. McCullough shows how Christians can see that bid for support and raise it through Christ’s promise of eternal life. I hope you’ll benefit from the following excerpt, courtesy of Crossway Books.

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