Faith in science and technology

Books | Believers in transhumanism seek salvation through the efforts of man
by Fazale R. Rana & Kenneth R. Samples
Posted 5/30/20, 07:04 am

Should we put our faith in human enhancement? We all hope for breakthroughs against debilitating diseases, but biotechnology has become an alternative faith for some: Imagine there’s no heaven, and instead let’s design babies, extend our lives past 120 years, and meld humans and machines to gain superhero abilities.

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“Bourgeois norms” matter in poverty fighting

Books | The need for rediscovery and renewal of historic middle-class American values
by Howard A. Husock
Posted 5/23/20, 03:05 pm

In Who Killed Civil Society? The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms, Howard A. Husock shows how poverty fighters a century ago promoted an American three-self doctrine: self-respect, self-control, self-government.

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Animal kingdom escapades

Children’s Books | Four recent picture books
by Mary Jackson
Posted 5/21/20, 05:07 pm

Three Little Kittens by Barbara McClintock: McClintock updates a well-worn nursery rhyme, adding personality and humor. Three little kittens find mess and trouble as they lose, find, soil, and wash their mittens to appease their finger-pointing mother—and of course to eat some blueberry pie. Speech bubbles and interjections—as when the kittens all shout in unison, “Watch out pie, here we come!”—are interspersed with lines following the original tale’s formal language, adding humor and unique flavor.

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