Mint cigarettes and gas rations

Books of the Year | Rediscovering a critical year in the U.S. fight against Nazism
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 11/19/20, 12:04 pm

Accessible History
Book of the Year

The Year of Peril: America in 1942 is our history winner in another year of peril, 2020. Although I know the end of the 1942 story, author Tracy Campbell made me feel I was reading a novel in which it wasn’t clear that the hero would survive. It’s hard for us to believe now, but in 1942 War Production Board chairman Donald Nelson had good reason to say, “The awful realization was slowly coming over the country that America was losing a war.”

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Illustration by Jeffrey J. Smith

Out of desolation, fruitfulness

Q&A | An author and artist’s life
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/21/20, 06:33 pm

Canadian author and painter Michael O’Brien, 72, wrote Father Elijah and six other novels in a “Children of the Last Days” series. Seven other novels include Theophilos (set in Gospel times), Voyage to Alpha Centauri (sci-fi), and the magnificent (with occasional violence) Island of the World. O’Brien leaned toward atheism as a teenager and became a Catholic at age 21. For years he struggled to make a living as a painter, mostly on religious subjects in a neo-­Byzantine style. He became a published author in his late 40s, after many rejections.

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Scott Allen

Inspired by a true story

Arts | Artist Michael Sherrill’s sculptures portray the pain and beauty of life
by Hannah Harris
Posted 3/26/20, 01:58 pm

Sculptor Michael Sherrill’s studio in western North Carolina is tucked under trees, nestled a few yards from a small waterfall. The soft, cascading sound of the waterfall met the snap of a wood-burning fireplace as Sherrill poured green tea into stoneware mugs and described how nature and faith influence his art. 

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