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Not forgotten

Aging | As aging Americans increasingly grapple with dementia, churches have a growing opportunity to minister to exhausted caregivers and to comfort the forgetful
by Jamie Dean
Posted 5/23/19, 01:21 pm

When Patrick Mead took his father, Bill Mead, to live in a dementia care facility the week after Thanksgiving, he taped a note to his dad’s door. Mead wanted the staff members to know about the new resident in Room 14, even if his father couldn’t tell them himself.

“My name is Bill Mead,” the letter began. “I was born in abject poverty. I became a warrior (U.S. Navy, Korea War era). I then laid aside my weapons and became a minister and missionary. I traveled the world, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. …

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Bad medicine

Death | A church in New York City hosts a lightly attended event on legalizing physician-assisted suicide
by Emily Belz
Posted 10/31/18, 01:45 pm

A New York moment:

I popped into a Compassion and Choices “community listening session” about the bill in New York to legalize physician-assisted suicide (or as the group terms it, “medical aid in dying”). That bill would allow physicians to prescribe fatal drugs that terminal patients would self-administer. Disability groups chiefly oppose the practice on the grounds that it would put economic and emotional pressure on the vulnerable or “less valuable" to end their lives. 

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He comes, the old man

Life | A short story lesson on respect for the aged
by John R. Erickson
Posted 1/20/18, 12:39 pm

John R. Erickson is not only the prolific author of 70 beloved Hank the Cowdog books but short stories as well. Here’s the world premiere of one he wrote 25 years ago but never published. WORLD Magazine’s 2018 Roe v. Wade issue features nine articles on different aspects of defending the very young, but a pro-euthanasia culture also needs respect for the aged—and “He comes, the old man” speaks to that. —Marvin Olasky

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