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When disaster visits the vulnerable

Coronavirus | The coronavirus threatens those who need care the most and strains networks providing help
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/23/20, 11:33 am

Jim Davis remembers one of the last games he played with elderly residents at White Oak Manor in Newberry, S.C., before the threat of the coronavirus largely confined the vulnerable population to their rooms for the foreseeable future.

On a pleasant afternoon, Davis—the facility’s activities director—led a group through a word game about flowers and pies. Between turns, the residents talked about their favorite blossoms. Some chatted about the tastiest desserts. 

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Late departures

Obituaries | A News of the Year addendum: Notable deaths in the final weeks of 2019
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/16/20, 03:11 pm

Danny Aiello, 86

Dec. 12 Character actor who received an Oscar nomination for his role as a pizza shop owner in Do the Right Thing. He was married to his wife, Sandy Cohen, for 64 years.

Herman Boone, 84

Dec. 18 The coach depicted in the movie Remember the Titans, he overcame racial tensions to lead Alexandria, Va.’s T.C. Williams High School to the Virginia state championship in his first year as head coach.

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Looking forward

Lifestyle | Anticipation is in our nature, and our Maker wants it that way
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/21/19, 11:12 am

My father and I have a steady date at the diner on Saturday mornings. One thing I have observed from our booth week after week is that people always look happy when they walk into a restaurant, whereas they look just regular when walking out. I am sure it is the same with me.

The reason is not hard to guess. It is the power of anticipation, in this case, of the enjoyment of the visualized meal and the ceremony of being served by an affable waitress and of conversation with a person whose company one likes.

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