Associated Press/Photo by Marco Di Marco (file)

Out-of-this-world volcano predictions

Science | Scientists enlist satellites to monitor possible eruptions
by John Dawson
Posted 4/15/21, 04:40 pm

Scientists with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory believe they’ve developed a new way to monitor volcanoes around the world. In a report published recently in the journal Nature Geoscience, the JPL scientists describe how to use satellite data to predict volcanic eruptions months or years in advance.

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Sea turtles’ trans-Pacific journey

Science | Researchers think they figured out how loggerheads make it from Japan to Mexico
by John Dawson
Posted 4/14/21, 05:05 pm

Until 25 years ago, marine biologists studying loggerhead turtles off the coast of Baja Mexico presumed the reptiles came from some yet-unknown hatchery in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Discovering that the Mexican turtles were actually hatched in Japan opened a new question: How could a cold-blooded reptile cross from the warm Western Pacific into the cold Eastern Pacific without freezing to death?

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Associated Press/Photo by Keith Srakocic (file)

’Tis the cicada season

Science | The massive Brood X emerges every 17 years
by John Dawson
Posted 4/08/21, 05:40 pm

It’s about to get loud. Fifteen eastern U.S. states and the District of Columbia are expected to play host to billions of harmless and hapless black-bodied, red-eyed bugs anytime from late April until early June. But they won’t be around for long.

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