Tim Dalrymple
Truro Church/Handout photo

Community property?

Religion | Seven Virginia congregations that left the Episcopal Church must leave their properties, too
by Tim Dalrymple
Posted 1/30/12, 03:18 am

The property battle between denominational bodies and the local churches that disaffiliate from them is heating up-and the list of congregations that suddenly find themselves homeless has grown longer.

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Associated Press photo by Andrew Burton

Unequally yoked

Religion | The OWS movement does not align as well with the Bible as some suppose
by Tim Dalrymple
Posted 12/05/11, 03:23 am

Occupy Wall Street is not yet over, and it's not a religious movement, though some would like it to be.

The protest movement and the world's faith traditions seem, to some, naturally aligned. As Tom Heneghan, religion editor for Reuters, writes: "Religions condemn greed. The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests around the world condemn greed. So theoretically, religious leaders should find common ground with the rallies denouncing the inequalities of capitalism."

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Harold Camping/Associated Press photo by Jose Sanchez

On the job

Religion | A somewhat humbled Harold Camping continues to look at the Bible as a code to crack
by Tim Dalrymple
Posted 11/21/11, 05:18 am

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