Tiffany Owens

Tiffany is a World Journalism Institute graduate and former WORLD reporter.

Associated Press/Photo by Eric Risberg

Today a stowaway, tomorrow a terrorist?

by Tiffany Owens
Posted 4/23/14, 03:53 pm

A California teen who snuck into the landing gear of a plane headed for Maui and survived a five-hour ride on the Hawaiian Airlines jet is raising questions about the extent of jetway security at smaller airports.

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Associated Press/Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez

Silicon Valley's Russia troubles

by Tiffany Owens
Posted 4/02/14, 02:10 pm

Tension between Russia and the West over Ukraine has halted Russian investment in the United States’ Silicon Valley-based tech industry.

“It’s safe to say a lot of investors here are taking a step back to see how the situation will unfold,” said Alexandra Johnson, who manages a California-based, $100 million venture fund at VTB, the Bank for Foreign Trade of Russia (formerly Vneshtorgbank). The pause proves that U.S. sanctions against Russia may affect stateside economies, as well.

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Walking through fire

Lifestyle | Despite dementia, Elisabeth Elliot Gren holds fast to Scripture
by Tiffany Owens
Posted 2/21/14, 01:00 am

Lars Gren led me down a dim hallway to a simple room lit magnificently by floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out over the Atlantic Ocean. A slim, elderly woman dressed in black pants and a floral shirt—her hair swirled in a bun—sat near the fireplace. “We have company today,” Gren said, bending down to touch her hand. His wife, Elisabeth Elliot, nodded but did not reply. 

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