Thomas S. Kidd

Thomas is a distinguished professor of history and associate director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University. He is a former WORLD religion correspondent.

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Godless chaplain

Religion | Stanford brings atheist into its Office of Religious Life
by Thomas S. Kidd
Posted 1/11/13, 01:00 am

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In decline

Religion | Christianity drops among the English and Welsh
by Thomas S. Kidd
Posted 12/21/12, 01:00 am

Recently released census results in England and Wales reveal that the number of self-identifying Christians there has dropped significantly in the past decade, from 37.1 million to 33 million. Still, Christianity remains by far the largest religious group in Britain, with Islam second at 2.7 million. More than 14 million (about a quarter of respondents) said they had “no religion”—a response that is notoriously difficult to interpret—while 7 percent chose not to answer the religion question at all. “Atheist” was an option on the survey, but less than 30,000 selected it.

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Campus ministry conflict

Religion | Cru finds itself in debate over women’s roles in ministry
by Thomas S. Kidd
Posted 11/30/12, 01:00 am

Controversies over women’s roles in ministry have rocked churches in recent decades. But at the University of Louisville’s chapter of Cru, the conflict has entered the world of campus ministry. Cru officials recently demoted Louisville’s Missional Team Leader, Daniel Harman, over his refusal to allow female staff to teach Bible studies to mixed-gender audiences. 

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