Susan Olasky

Susan is a book reviewer, story coach, feature writer and editor for WORLD. She has authored eight historical novels for children and teaches twice a year at World Journalism Institute. Susan resides with her husband, Marvin, in Austin, Texas. Follow her on Twitter @susanolasky.

Hanging on to hope

Children’s Books | Four historical novels about anti-Semitism
by Susan Olasky
Posted 4/08/21, 02:31 pm

Journey to America by Sonia Levitin: Berlin in 1938 is a dangerous place for Jews, so Lisa’s father decides to sneak away at night and head to America: When he finds a job, he will send for his family. That takes longer than he expects, but finally the time comes. The family takes a train to Switzerland, supposedly for vacation. Mother and three daughters face many trials, made worse by the mother’s serious illness. Levitin shows the dangers families faced even after leaving Germany—and the courage and hope it took to persevere. (Ages 12 & up)

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Wang Ying/Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

Avoid the hot takes

Crime | Takeaways for Christians after two mass shootings
by Susan Olasky
Posted 3/24/21, 04:13 pm

What was going on in the mind of 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long on March 16 as he sat in his car for an hour before entering Young’s Asian Massage northwest of Atlanta?

Police say he was depressed about a “sex addiction” and confessed to killing eight people that day, six of them of Asian ancestry. Beyond that we know little, but that didn’t keep both professional journalists and social media users from throwing around accusations. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Elizabeth Dalziel

Evangelist Luis Palau has died

by Susan Olasky
Posted 3/11/21, 04:45 pm

Three years after receiving a lung cancer diagnosis, evangelist Luis Palau died Thursday at his home in Portland, Ore., his family said. He was 86.

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