Susan Olasky

Susan is WORLD’s story coach and has authored eight historical novels for children. Susan and her husband, Marvin, live in Austin, Texas. Follow Susan on Twitter @susanolasky.

Journeys far and near

Books | Four novels, old and new
by Susan Olasky
Posted 7/02/20, 05:41 pm

The Nesting Dolls by Alina Adams: The Nesting Dolls, out on July 14, is a fascinating multigeneration tale that moves from Stalin-era Siberia to Brighton Beach, N.Y., in 2019. The story focuses on the women in a Russian Jewish family who face incredible obstacles just to survive. Adams shows the horrors of Stalin’s Soviet Union and the desperate choices some people made. The book ends with Zoya, a young woman who grew up in the United States. She has a private-school education and privileges her parents and grandparents could only dream of.

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For inquisitive young minds

Children’s Books | Nonfiction picture books
by Susan Olasky
Posted 5/07/20, 03:37 pm

Under Threat by Martin Jenkins: Under Threat tells the story of 30 endangered animal species, ranging from the Asian elephant to the Korean club-tail dragonfly. This oversized book is beautiful, from its embossed cover to its full-page, screen-print illustrations of each animal, designed to look like old postage stamps. The facing page describes in a calm, nonhysterical tone each animal’s behavior, the pressures that contribute to its endangered status, and the helpful actions people are taking to preserve it.

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Passing the time

Books | Four good reads amid social isolation
by Susan Olasky
Posted 4/23/20, 04:40 pm

The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel: This third volume of Mantel’s saga about Thomas Cromwell begins slowly as Mantel reminds readers of the history that led lowly Cromwell to his high position as Lord Privy Seal and Earl of Essex. As events lead inexorably to their final conclusion, Mantel depicts nobles hungry for power and determined to bring Cromwell down. Their ultimate end: to return England to the Roman church.

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