Susan Olasky

Susan is a book reviewer, story coach, feature writer and editor for WORLD. She has authored eight historical novels for children and teaches twice a year at World Journalism Institute. Susan resides with her husband, Marvin, in Austin, Texas. Follow her on Twitter @susanolasky.

Freedom calling

Books | Four best-selling novels
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/14/21, 04:37 pm

The Guardians by John Grisham: In his 40th book, Grisham introduces Cullen Post, a lawyer/Episcopal priest who works for Guardian Ministries, a small nonprofit dedicated to freeing inmates wrongly convicted of murder. Post throws himself into his latest project: freeing Quincy Miller, a black man incarcerated for 22 years for a murder he didn’t commit. Post has to find evidence that will convince a judge to overturn the conviction, but his investigation alarms some dangerous people. Fueled by his religious convictions, Post works with a relentless focus.

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Illustration by Krieg Barrie. Original photo of Lader: Bob Strong/AFP via Getty Images

Abortion’s street fighter

Roe v. Wade | How Lawrence Lader led the abortion legalization drive— and later promoted the “abortion pill”
by Susan Olasky
Posted 1/14/21, 04:04 pm

In 2002 the Harvard Club on 44th Street in Manhattan planned to erect a glass-walled addition to the classic building. Many alums were angry. At one meeting, Lawrence Lader, 82, got so worked up the governing board shut off his mic. He was still a frenzied orator, just as he’d been as a student in the 1930s and a self-described “street fighter” who led the movement to abolish America’s abortion laws in the 1960s.

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Paul Natkin/Getty Images

December deaths

Obituaries | A News of the Year addendum: Notable deaths in the final month of 2020
by Susan Olasky
Posted 12/30/20, 03:23 pm


1 Walter E. Williams, 84 / An economics professor at George Mason University and guest host for Rush Limbaugh, he challenged liberal orthodoxies about the best way to improve the economic condition of black Americans.

2 Rafer Johnson, 86 / The first black captain of a U.S. Olympic team, the 1960 decathlon gold medalist became a friend of the Kennedy ­family and helped subdue Bobby ­Kennedy’s assassin in 1968.

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