Steve West

Steve is an attorney and freelance writer based in Raleigh, N.C. Follow him on Twitter @slntplanet or at his blog.

Associated Press/Photo by Charlie Riedel

A right to get sick?

First Amendment | Challenges mount as some governors extend stay-at-home orders
by Steve West
Posted 4/28/20, 03:31 pm

A protester on Saturday circled the governor’s mansion in Jackson, Miss., in a white Chevy Tahoe with the slogan “I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful slavery” painted on the back windshield. Earlier in the week, a blond woman sat on the steps of the Kansas Capitol in Topeka with a sign that read, “My business, my choice.” And the week before, a man in Olympia, Wash., wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey held up a sign that declared, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Andre Teague/Bristol Herald Courier (file)

Churches ask for equal treatment

Religious Liberty | If a drive-thru restaurant can stay open, why not a drive-in church?
by Steve West
Posted 4/21/20, 05:04 pm

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said on Wednesday he was “not thinking of the Bill of Rights” when he implemented strict social distancing measures to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and the Democrat likely wasn’t alone. State and local officials across the country, facing a spiraling public health crisis by mid-March, quickly issued highly restrictive public gathering bans and stay-at-home orders—sometimes without considering the constitutional ramifications.

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Associated Press/Photo by Nam Y. Huh (file)

Voting from home

Religious Liberty | The coronavirus lockdown may prompt changes in election procedures
by Steve West
Posted 4/14/20, 05:49 pm

Petitions, ballot initiatives, and referendums have often served as tools for voters who feel unheard by legislators to take democracy into their own hands. A voter-driven ballot initiative in 2018 enshrined unborn children’s right to life in the Alabama Constitution, for example.

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