Steve West

Steve is a legal correspondent for WORLD. He is a graduate of World Journalism Institute, Wake Forest University School of Law, and N.C. State University. He worked for 34 years as a federal prosecutor and is now an attorney in private practice. Steve resides with his wife in Raleigh, N.C. Follow him on Twitter @slntplanet.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Wedding photographer faces threat of prosecution

Religious Liberty | New York’s law would force her to violate religious convictions on same-sex marriage
by Steve West
Posted 4/13/21, 02:48 pm

Photographer Emilee Carpenter describes herself as a natural people person who loves crafting visual stories, particularly celebrating marriage. She is a Christian and believes she should be able to choose what stories to tell, but a New York law requiring her to promote same-sex weddings threatens to upend her business.

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Supreme Court overturns COVID-19 Bible study limits

Religious Liberty | Another California worship restriction bites the dust
by Steve West
Posted 4/13/21, 02:21 pm

Santa Clara County pastor Jeremy Wong and resident Karen Busch sued after California’s COVID-19 orders barred them from holding Bible study and prayer meetings in their homes. The Supreme Court late Friday decided in their favor, ruling 5-4 to strike down the restrictions limiting home religious gatherings to three households.

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Facebook/Virginia Tech

Who’s biased on campus?

Free Speech | Lawsuit claims Virginia Tech speech code and anti-bias rules stifle speech
by Steve West
Posted 4/13/21, 02:16 pm

Universities have historically been bastions of new ideas, including unpopular ones. But a lawsuit against Virginia Tech administrators contends conservative ideas are increasingly unwelcome.

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