Sophia Lee

Sophia is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in Los Angeles. Follow Sophia on Twitter @SophiaLeeHyun.


When Asian girl meets white boy

Race Issues | Reactions to my non-Asian boyfriend surprised and disturbed me
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/22/19, 03:32 pm

These are confusing times when it comes to racial issues, and I’d like to address one subtopic that’s gained attention: interracial couples—or more specifically, the increasingly criticized trend of Asian women dating white men. It’s a divisive issue fraught with emotion and misunderstanding, and weighed down with historical, cultural, and social baggage. It’s also one I’ve hesitated to write about, partly because I didn’t know what to think about it myself.

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Isabel Mateos/AP

Who’s funding the migrant caravans? 

Immigration | In my reporting on Central American migrants, finding the answer has proven complicated
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/15/19, 03:25 pm

Ever since I started reporting on the migrant crisis at the U.S. southern border, there’s a question I’ve been asking: Is somebody funding this mass migration? Is someone paying for these migrants’ travel, food, and shelter—and if so, who? What’s the agenda?

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‘We lost our Superman’

Grief & Suffering | Los Angeles residents mourn the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle and pray for God’s peace amid violence
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/11/19, 03:30 pm

On a Sunday afternoon in South Los Angeles, under a cloudless sky in broad daylight, a man shot another man. The gunman began running away, but seeing nobody chasing him, he walked back and shot the man two more times. He darted away, then turned around again and shot the bleeding man three more times, kicked him in the head for final measure, and finally took off.

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