Sophia Lee

Sophia is a features reporter for WORLD Magazine. She graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in print journalism and East Asian language and culture. She lives in Los Angeles with her cat, Shalom. Follow Sophia on Twitter @SophiaLeeHyun.

Photo by Sophia Lee for WORLD

L.A. bookshop encourages a community to read

by Sophia Lee
Posted 9/26/12, 10:02 am

LOS ANGELES—Amid taquerias, mom-and-pop shops, and fruit and taco stands at Boyle Height’s Mariachi Plaza Station in East Los Angeles, one store sticks out—a bookshop with rainbow-splattered bricks and a hand-painted yellow sign above the entrance that reads, “Libros Schmibros Lending Library.”

Inside, books cover one wall from floor to ceiling, and more books are piled on tables in the center of the room, where a gap-toothed man sits silently reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Elite Tjie/Elite On Earth Photography

Runway platform

| Ministry uses fashion to focus spotlight on sex trafficking
by Sophia Lee
Posted 9/07/12, 01:00 am

LOS ANGELES - Wave a pamphlet listing depressing statistics about sex trafficking, and it will most likely end up in the trash. But blow out a full head of curls and strut in breezy satin, and heads will turn.

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Catholics adopting evangelical methods on college campuses

by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/02/12, 04:23 pm

Evangelical groups aren't the only evangelists on college campuses now. There's a new kid in town, and its passion for evangelism and Bible reading burns bright-in the form of Catholic prayer candles.

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