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Sophia is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute and University of Southern California graduate. Sophia resides in Los Angeles, Calif., with her husband. Follow her on Twitter @SophiaLeeHyun.

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Andrew Klavan hired to write script for Gosnell

by Sophia Lee
Posted 9/03/14, 05:24 pm

The producers of the movie about convicted killer and abortionist Kermit Gosnell have hired bestselling and award-winning novelist and screenwriter Andrew Klavan to write its screenplay.

The hire is the latest gutsy move for the team behind Gosnell, which broke records by raising the most money—about $2.1 million with the help of almost 27,000 donors—at Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website.

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Photo courtesy of Chae Yoon-kwon

A servant for South Korea's children

South Korea | Pastor Chae Yoon-kwon has dedicated his life to loving orphans and spreading the gospel
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/14/14, 08:43 am

SEOUL, South Korea—Chae Yoon-kwon flipped over every charred corpse littered across the streets of Seoul, South Korea. It was late September 1950, soon after the United States forces attacked the city and forced the North Korean army to retreat. As they scurried to leave, the North Korean soldiers shot and burned hundreds of prisoners, most of them Christian preachers—and possibly Chae’s father Chae Sang-hyun.

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Wikimedia Commons/Fusebok

Christian expats lead Seoul outreach ministries

South Korea | While South Korea is known for sending missionaries to other countries, the local church is not as good about addressing cultural needs at home
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/13/14, 08:38 am

SEOUL, South Korea—The Starbucks near Seoul National University was like the iced drinks the young customers were shaking and sipping—cool, mixed, and tightly packed with bodies tumbling over one another as they bucked for the rare open seat. 

At a corner table for two, two Korean-Americans and a Canadian woman bowed their heads in prayer. They conversed in English, which attracted some cursory glances, but perhaps it was also their outfits and mannerisms that stood out. 

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