Sophia Lee

Sophia is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in Los Angeles. Follow Sophia on Twitter @SophiaLeeHyun.

An evening with Dennis Prager

Religion | A Jew and a Christian muse about goodness, loving God, and bacon
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/13/18, 01:31 pm

I think it’s fair to say that anyone who has met Dennis Prager in person would have a hard time disliking the man. You can disagree with his politics, reject his Jewish faith, and criticize his decisions, but sit with the conservative pundit for an hour and you’ll find that he is a down-to-earth, humble guy who’s genuinely interested in people. 

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Jordan Peterson’s spiritual appeal

Worldview | The Toronto professor may not be a born-again believer, but he’s fueling a resurgence of interest in Christianity
by Sophia Lee
Posted 8/06/18, 02:27 pm

Recently I wrote an article about three public intellectuals who are influencing the minds of young people: Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Dennis Prager. They’re three very different styles of thinkers. Peterson is a dour-faced, thinking-out-loud Jungian psychologist in Toronto who can pontificate about life’s inevitable sufferings for three hours. Shapiro is a barb-tongued, Orthodox Jewish pundit who led the Never Trump movement.

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Remembering Jonathan Gold

Media | What an acclaimed Los Angeles food critic taught me about being a bumbling journalist
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/30/18, 02:14 pm

On July 21, Los Angeles lost one of its greatest cultural icons. Jonathan Gold, a Los Angeles Times food writer born and raised (and beloved) in LA, died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 57, leaving behind his wife of 28 years and two children ages 23 and 15.

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