Sophia Lee

Sophia is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in Los Angeles. Follow Sophia on Twitter @SophiaLeeHyun.

My wonderfully strange wedding

Marriage | It was nothing as we had planned and hoped for—and it was beautiful
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/16/20, 04:48 pm

Last week, on Good Friday, I married my best friend in his tiny backyard. It was just David, me, and our church pastor all standing about 6 feet away from each other, with about 150 people from all across the nation and the world watching us exchange our vows through a livestreaming platform. When the pastor asked our online witnesses if they would promise to help uphold our marriage, people typed out an enthusiastic “We will!!” in a chat box. 

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Healing and hope

Coronavirus | The coronavirus brings suffering—but also glimmers of redemption
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/09/20, 06:34 pm

It started with fatigue on March 9—a heavy feeling, like his joints were tied with weights, or like he had just run a marathon. Ryan Anderson, assistant pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tenn., didn’t think too much of it. He had a busy Sunday the day before, and he had lost an hour of sleep due to daylight saving. And fatigue was not an unusual symptom for a pastor of 750 worshippers and a father of three young daughters. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Damian Dovarganes

Alone together

Coronavirus | The common grief of COVID-19 draws us nearer to each other—and God
by Sophia Lee
Posted 4/07/20, 06:51 pm

The month of March felt like it went by slower than an entire dreary winter. Has it really been less than three weeks since the governor and mayor ordered everyone in Los Angeles, where I live, to shelter-in-place?

The story keeps changing: At first, officials told us the coronavirus was under control; then we heard healthcare workers freaking out because the sick were filling hospital beds. They told us only elderly people or those with underlying medical conditions died from the disease; then we learned that people of all ages had severe and sometimes fatal symptoms. 

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