Sharla Megilligan

Sharla is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course.

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La frontera: La verdad y las mentiras

Immigration | At the Mexico-Texas frontier, truth and lies
by Sharla Megilligan
Posted 7/05/18, 11:10 am

Oscar Suriano on June 27 could readily recount the time since he left Honduras: 34 days traveling to the Texas border, two days waiting on the Mexico side for the right time to enter the United States, five days in a U.S. Immigration processing center, and two hours at the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen.

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Photo by Rachel Sawyer

Go or stay? Missionaries confront Zika virus dilemma

by Marvin Olasky & Sharla Megilligan
Posted 3/03/16, 01:35 pm

Richie and Gabrielle Sparling moved to the north coast of the Dominican Republic in August 2014 to serve with the mission organization Makarios. They had only been married six months when they left the United States. Their plan was to start a family in the Dominican Republic and raise their children there.

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Associated Press/Photo by Tatiana Fernandez

Haitian exodus

Immigration | Immigrants react to deportation threat in the Dominican Republic
by Sharla Megilligan
Posted 7/24/15, 01:00 am

Pierre Martin doesn’t walk to work anymore. The Haitian works at a small private school in Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic (DR), but it’s no longer safe for him to be on the streets. Instead, a Dominican co-worker picks him up and brings him home. Martin was born in Haiti and came to the DR illegally with his family as a child. He has not been able to afford the cost of residency paperwork in the DR and now faces deportation, along with tens of thousands of Haitians under a Dominican government crackdown on immigrants.

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