Sarah Schweinsberg

Sarah is a news and feature reporter for WORLD Radio and WORLD Watch. She is a World Journalism Institute and Northwestern College graduate. Sarah resides with her husband, Zach, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follow her on Twitter @SarahSchweins.

Raising hate

Documentary | Of Fathers and Sons takes an inside look at boys growing up in radical Islam
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 1/31/18, 07:19 pm

In the gripping documentary Of Fathers and Sons, director Talal Derki offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a radical Syrian Islamic family. The Syrian conflict’s effect on children and families who have fled Syria is well-known. What isn’t known is how the conflict has impacted the children of the jihadists who remain there, and Derki returned to his Syrian homeland from Berlin to find out.

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Adam Fondren/The Deseret News via AP

Knit together

Health | Parents choose a difficult life over death for conjoined twins
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 1/04/18, 12:58 pm

Nick and Chelsea Torres couldn’t believe their ears when they heard a heartbeat. An ultrasound three weeks earlier hadn’t been able to find one. At their eight-week appointment, they thought the doctor would say they’d miscarried their unborn child.

Chelsea was so overjoyed she didn’t notice a second heartbeat. The doctor revealed the image on the ultrasound was conjoined twins, a rare condition occurring once in every 200,000 live births.

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Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi dies after battle with cancer

by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 9/18/17, 10:40 am

Author and former-Muslim-turned-Christian-apologist Nabeel Qureshi died Saturday after a yearlong battle with stomach cancer. He was 34. Qureshi, a Pakistani-American, was a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, traveling the world to lecture and debate Muslim scholars. Qureshi wrote The New York Times best-seller Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, which chronicled his conversion.

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