Sarah Schweinsberg

Sarah is a reporter for WORLD Radio.

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From the beginning

Movies | Conjuring origins film offers a lot of white-knuckle action
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 9/06/18, 09:58 am

New Line Cinema’s Conjuring universe is a series of horror films centered on or connected to the exploits of 1970s-era, real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

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DOJ supports Asian-American students suing Harvard

by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 8/31/18, 10:54 am

The Trump administration has taken sides in a federal lawsuit against Harvard University, saying the elite school discriminated against Asian-American applicants. The students in the suit contend Harvard rejected them to keep its Asian-American student population artificially low. On Thursday, the U.S.

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Holy terror?

Movies | Filmmakers argue horror films can have a place in Christian life
by Megan Basham & Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 8/30/18, 03:26 pm

Of all the film sets a reporter for a Christian magazine might expect to visit, one for horror would probably come in dead last. Spooks, spirits, and things that go bump in the night aren’t exactly synonymous with popular evangelical viewing. Yet the filmmakers behind a new film, The Nun, invited WORLD to check out their creepy Romanian abbey and chat with their cast and crew in both Bucharest and Mexico City.

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