Sarah Schweinsberg

Sarah is a news and feature reporter for WORLD Radio and WORLD Watch. She is a World Journalism Institute and Northwestern College graduate. Sarah resides with her husband, Zach, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follow her on Twitter @SarahSchweins.

Melissa Lukenbaugh/A24

Herbaceous lessons

Movie | Minari reaps wisdom from the soil
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 10/08/20, 03:40 pm

Minari is a beautifully told family drama loosely based on the childhood experiences of writer and director Lee Isaac Chung. 

In the 1980s, a Korean immigrant family leaves California and moves to rural Arkansas to start a farm. Jacob (Steven Yuen) and wife Monica (Yeri Han) have spent the last decade working in chicken hatcheries with little to show. Jacob brings his family to Arkansas with the hope of creating a “Garden of Eden.” 

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Noah Berger/AP

A deadly blaze in Berry Creek

Disaster | While West Coast residents flee wildfires, experts scrutinize the region’s fire suppression policies
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 10/02/20, 12:08 pm

William Spradlin could smell, hear, and feel the fire approaching. Around 11 p.m., the resident of Berry Creek, Calif., called his neighbors to see if they thought it was time to leave town.

“The sky was changing so many different colors,” he said. “The roar of it. It was like five freight trains.”

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Soda Studios

Cheering on The Grizzlies

Movie | Sports film takes an honest look at the deep pain at the heart of an Indigenous community in Canada
by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 8/13/20, 03:45 pm

Suicide has been a growing problem in the West for decades now. But drastically higher rates of suicide have consistently plagued Native communities in both the United States and Canada as those populations struggle with alcoholism, drug abuse, and poverty. In Canada, an Indigenous person is three times more likely to die by his own hand than a non-Indigenous person. 

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