Samantha Gobba

Samantha is a freelancer for WORLD Digital. She is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute, and she holds a bechelor degree in English from Hillsdale College and a multiple subject teaching credential from California State University. Samantha resides in Chico, Calif., with her husband and their two sons.


Economist Walter Williams dies

by Samantha Gobba
Posted 12/03/20, 02:48 am

Walter Williams, who built a career as a professor and writer, died on Wednesday. He was 84. Williams taught his final class on Microeconomic Theory at George Mason University on Tuesday. He was raised in poverty by a single mother in Philadelphia and earned his doctorate in economics from the University of California–Los Angeles in 1972. Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James remembered him as “an incorrigible fighter for freedom.”

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Associated Press/via Cambodia's Environment Ministry

World’s loneliest elephant gains company

by Samantha Gobba
Posted 12/01/20, 05:57 am

Kaavan, a five-ton Asian elephant, arrived at a Cambodian animal sanctuary on Monday after eight years of solitude. Sri Lanka gifted the 36-year-old elephant to Pakistan in 1985. Kaavan lived at a zoo in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad with his partner Saheli, who died in 2012. The Pakistani government closed down the zoo in August due to poor conditions.

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Associated Press/Utah Department of Public Safety

Shiny pillar appears, unexplained, in desert

by Samantha Gobba
Posted 11/24/20, 08:29 pm

A mysterious metal monolith discovered in a remote area of southeastern Utah is the stuff of fiction. The tall, slim, three-sided metal pillar has baffled state officials, who don’t know who placed it on federal land, how it became embedded in the rock, or how long it has been there.

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