Sam A. Andreades

Sam is senior pastor of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pa., and writes about helping people with gender and sexuality issues at

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The tragedy of transgenderism

Sexuality | The current eagerness to encourage sex-change procedures as an answer to inner alienation is...
by Sam A. Andreades
Posted 5/06/16, 03:54 pm

This week, the U.S. Department of Justice said that North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” violates the Civil Rights Act. The state’s House Bill 2 (or “HB2”), as it is called, restricts transgender people from using public restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their self-chosen gender, unless they have gone through the medical procedure of sex-reassignment and had their birth certificates changed. The Justice Department gave state officials until Monday to confirm whether or not they will comply with their advisory. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory remains defiant.

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Finding security and rest in an 'asymmetrical' marriage

2015 Books Issue | An excerpt from WORLD’s Book of the Year in Accessible Theology
by Sam A. Andreades
Posted 6/13/15, 09:34 am

WORLD’s Book of the Year in the Accessible Theology category is enGendered: God’s Gift of Gender Difference in Relationship (Weaver, 2015). In it, Pastor Sam A. Andreades makes a bold move in an age of equality by praising asymmetry: In a good marriage, husbands make wives secure and wives give husbands rest.

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What ex-gay men can teach us about marriage

Marriage | Who better to explain the differences between ‘intergendered’ and ‘monogendered’ unions?
by Sam A. Andreades
Posted 6/29/13, 09:55 am

Sam Andreades ministered at a church in New York’s Greenwich Village  for many years and founded G.A.M.E. (Gender Affirming Ministry Endeavor), which serves those with same-sex attraction who want to follow Christ. Andreades has just finished his Doctor of Ministry work at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, and his dissertation, which grew out of his pastoral experience, is titled “Does She Matter? Emotional Intimacy in Marriage in Light of Gender Distinction.” 

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