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The untamed divine

Religion | God will not be contained in a temple, or leave us alone to mind our own business
by Russell Board
Posted 12/21/12, 01:00 am

For many Japanese, the New Year begins with hatsumode, the year’s initial visit to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. Meiji shrine in Tokyo and Shinsoji temple near the airport in Narita are the most popular sites for hatsumode, each attracting more than 3 million visitors during the first three days of the year.

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Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Seeds of hope

Myanmar | Myanmar pastors see positive signs of a changing political landscape
by Russell Board
Posted 6/15/12, 06:24 am

YANGON, Myanmar (Burma)-Sung San Suu Kyi, the "Great Lady" of Myanmar and a global icon of democracy, arrived in Bangkok on May 29-her first trip abroad in 24 years. Fifteen of those years were spent under on-again, off-again house arrest at the hands of Myanmar's military dictatorship, but even during her seasons of freedom she elected to remain in her home country, more popularly known as Burma, rather than cross the border and risk not being allowed to return home.

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Pastor William outside the church (Photo by Russell Board)

Help and hinderances

Missions | A U.S.
by Russell Board
Posted 9/11/09, 03:50 am

Two cars and a truck rumbled to a stop on a dirt road in a village on the outskirts of Rangoon, the capital city of Burma, also known as Myanmar. The vehicles carried a volunteer team coming to hold a medical clinic at the village church. Pastor William, in his 40s but looking younger, walked out to meet the team members and lead them over the dirt path to the church building. He was wearing a white, long-sleeved dress shirt together with a lunghi, the traditional skirt-like wear for Burmese men. Along either side of the path were wooden shed-sized homes with roofs of tin.

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