Russ Pulliam

Russ is a columnist for The Indianapolis Star, the director of the Pulliam Fellowship, and a member of God's World Publications' board of directors.

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Handcrafted recovery

Effective Compassion | An Indianapolis furniture shop is a place of healing and job skills training for former addicts
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 8/30/18, 11:29 am

Jesse Slaugh sees his time behind bars in Indiana as one of the best events of his 42-year-old life.

He wound up free of opioid abuse, with a new outlook on life and a job building handcrafted furniture.

These days he works at a small business, Purposeful Design, which makes custom furniture and offers work for formerly homeless men who have been through rehab at an Indianapolis rescue mission. Purposeful Design assumes that Christian faith and work opportunity are as vital for the opioid crisis as a top-notch medical response.

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Corporate compassion

Business | The Hope Awards each year recognize outstanding nonprofits, but a for-profit family business shows another way to help
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 7/18/18, 01:03 pm

INDIANAPOLISFifteen years ago Tom Morales wasn’t planning to build a $100 million staffing business.

He had lived the American Dream and wanted to share it with immigrants for the second half of his life. The Purdue University grad had climbed the corporate ladder at companies such as Procter & Gamble and Union Carbide. He was looking for a way to give back to the growing Hispanic community in Indy: “I knew there was more to life than just being successful in corporate America.”

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Carl and Harold and Billy

Religion | Behind the scenes, Billy Graham helped efforts to strengthen the evangelical mind
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 3/15/18, 12:17 pm

Billy Graham’s death (and his funeral on March 2) ends an era of evangelical revival that took off at the 1949 crusade in Los Angeles.

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