Roy Maynard

Roy is a former WORLD reporter.

Home court advantage

| Far removed from the high-powered politics of intrigue inside the Washington Beltway, state family policy councils are dealing with Beltway issues on the local level.
by Roy Maynard
Posted 2/08/97, 12:00 am

from Boston

More than 200 ninth-graders filled the auditorium of Charlestown High School in inner-city Boston to hear another presentation on sex. The students were overwhelmingly black and Hispanic, the teachers and administrators almost uniformly white. It looked like an episode of ABC television's Dangerous Minds, but with acne.

If any teachers harbored thoughts of ditching the assembly and hiding in the teachers' lounge, school nurse Esther Splaine quickly reeducated them. Their presence was required, too.

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Where are they now?

National | What's new for the subjects of five past WORLD stories
by Roy Maynard
Posted 2/01/97, 12:00 am

**red_square** The trials of Wenatchee (Nov. 18, 1995)

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Life worth living

| The January 22, 1973, Roe vs.
by Roy Maynard
Posted 1/18/97, 12:00 am

ST. LOUIS—Neighbors were stuffed into the Barker family’s suburban St. Louis home like candied fruits in a thrice-given fruitcake. It was the Barkers’ traditional Christmas open house, part of their effort to preserve the neighborhood “feel,” the cohesion that has helped cushion the world for their daughter, Jennifer.

Indeed, 27-year-old Jennifer was the hot topic of the night: “Where is she?” “Will she be back soon?” She was out with friends, her parents explained, to the obvious disappointment of their neighbors.

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