Roy Maynard

Roy is a former WORLD reporter.

Associated Press/Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

The decline of the American museum

Museums | In 1999, WORLD took a tour of the nation’s worldview warehouses
by Gene Edward Veith, Lynn Vincent, Roy Maynard & Timothy Lamer
Posted 8/15/15, 01:49 pm

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the July 17, 1999, issue of WORLD Magazine and is republished here as part of our Saturday Series. For more on the state of America’s museums, see Marvin Olasky’s cover story from the current issue of WORLD: “A tale of two museums.”

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Fatherhood canceled in primetime TV

| THE DECLINE OF FAMILY ON TV: If Dad as depicted on television is nothing more than Archie Bunker or Homer Simpson, it's small wonder that Murphy Brown figured she'd be better off without a husband
by Roy Maynard
Posted 5/20/00, 12:00 am

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A minority share

Culture | Christians should learn from Cosby, Murphy
by Roy Maynard
Posted 2/19/00, 12:00 am

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