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Rebecca is a former WORLD correspondent.

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A troubled Darwin

Movie | Creation is more about the man than his controversial theory
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 1/29/10, 06:42 am

Charles Darwin wrote arguably the second most influential book in history, On the Origin of Species, which laid out his theory of evolution. While his ideas continue to be debated, a new film, Creation, attempts to put flesh on an iconic figure by showing Darwin (Paul Bettany) as a father, husband, and man in crisis.

The film (rated PG-13) covers a slice of Darwin's life. He is a middle-aged man living in England, and his trip aboard the Beagle is behind him. With his wife Emma (Jennifer Connelly), he raises his children and attempts to work on his book.

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No easy answer

Movie | It's Complicated is funny but takes the effects of divorce seriously
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 12/31/09, 04:39 am

The new movie It's Complicated features a former couple, Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin), who have the perfect divorce. After 10 years apart, they can chat at a party. They celebrate milestones in their children's lives without causing a scene. Their three young adult children bounce seamlessly between their parents. It's all very sophisticated.

But it's not as easy as it seems.

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Royal treatment

Movie | Young Victoria engagingly tells the story of a marriage
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 12/18/09, 03:22 am

Is marriage a hindrance, a sometimes necessary evil, or is it one part of the puzzle of achieving destiny? This question lies at the heart of a quiet but charming British period drama about the early years of England's Queen Victoria, The Young Victoria (rated PG).

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