Rebecca Cusey

Rebecca is a former WORLD correspondent.

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Family fight

Movie | Ostensibly about mixed martial arts, this film tells a profound story of forgiveness
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 9/12/11, 03:43 am

Warrior masquerades as a hard-hitting sports flick about the rough world of mixed martial arts cage matches, but under the muscle and bravado hides a taut, profound family drama.

Longtime alcoholic Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte) has found sobriety with the help of a newfound Christian faith. The change comes too late for his relationship with his adult sons. Brendan (Joel Edgerton) and his wife Tess (Jennifer Morrison) have two daughters, three jobs, and an upside down mortgage. They have been hurt too many times to allow Paddy back into their lives.

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Screen Gems

Attack the Block

Movie | This surprisingly delightful British film introduces aliens who land smack in the heart of South London's ghetto
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 8/29/11, 10:23 am

When trouble comes-pirates, say, or perhaps angry ninjas-you really want to side with people who know how to throw a punch. In this vein, the surprisingly delightful British film Attack the Block introduces aliens who shun the usual pretty suburbs, remote fields, and Western deserts, instead landing smack in the heart of South London's ghetto. Battle-hungry inner-city denizens aren't about to surrender their Block easily.

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Fox Searchlight Pictures

Another Earth

Movie | The sci-fi film explores the possibilities of a second, identical earth
by Rebecca Cusey
Posted 8/01/11, 12:45 pm

At first glance, Brit Marling seems to be just another Hollywood beauty. Typecasting her, though, would be a mistake. She not only stars in the heady, smart, independent sci-fi film Another Earth, she co-wrote it.

Plus, she's a bit of a philosopher.

"Everybody is trying to get at the source of 'Who are we and what are doing here?'" she told me when we talked in Washington, D.C. "Science goes at one angle. Religion, theology goes at another, philosophy at another and everyone's trying to arrive at the same place."

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