Ray Hacke

Ray Hacke is a graduate of the WJI Mid-Career Course.

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Stealing home teams

Sports | A Major League Baseball plan to eliminate 42 minor league clubs threatens to rob fans across America of their connection to the game
by Ray Hacke
Posted 7/29/20, 02:20 pm

Nestled between farmland, a thriving shopping and restaurant complex that sprang up adjacently, and a busy interstate, a minor league ballpark sits empty and forlorn.

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Pronoun pitfalls

Transgenderism | Navigating a world that has abandoned gender norms
by Ray Hacke
Posted 6/05/20, 01:59 pm

For much of my adult life, I’ve covered high school and college sports for various publications, including WORLD. For most of that time, I had no question whether the athletes involved were male or female.

As far as I’m concerned, I still don’t.

Still, it’s become quite apparent that I’m navigating a rapidly changing sports landscape.

I write a weekly sports column for a California newspaper. The column—which has been on hiatus since COVID-19 shut down the sports world—is a roundup of achievements by local athletes competing at the college level.

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OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

Muscling in

Transgenderism | No matter the activists’ spin, biological males maintain unfair advantages when competing against women
by Ray Hacke
Posted 11/14/19, 12:03 pm

Activists appear to have two approaches to controlling the narrative concerning transgender athletes’ successes in women’s sports: Attack the critics, or keep things hush-hush.

Neither has proven particularly effective at quelling a controversy that needn’t exist, isn’t going away, and really has only one solution.

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