Rachel Lynn Aldrich

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Associated Press/Photo by Bilal Hussein

Lebanese Christians take up arms as ISIS terror spreads

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 9/05/14, 03:52 pm

As Christians flee Syria and Iraq to escape the radical Islamic State, Lebanese Christians are preparing themselves for the possibility of hostilities flowing over their border. For the first time since the Lebanese civil war ended in 1990, Lebanese Christians are arming themselves for self-defense, deploying on hills surrounding their communities, and laying in ambush in case Muslim extremists head their way. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Wong Maye-E

Americans in North Korea beg for someone to negotiate their release

North Korea
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 9/02/14, 03:03 pm

North Korea paraded three American detainees before foreign media in Pyongyang on Monday, appearing to let them speak freely about their plight.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sergei Grits

Russian tanks launch an attack in southeastern Ukraine

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 8/28/14, 01:25 pm

Two columns of Russian tanks rolled into southeastern Ukraine today, following a rocket attack on a border post. The outmatched Ukrainian border guards fled, according to a top Ukrainian official. 

Officials in Kiev say 1,000 Russian troops have marched into Ukraine, but Brig. Gen. Nico Tak said that was a conservative estimate. Another 20,000 Russian troops are amassed just over the border, he said. Russia’s ultimate goal, Tak suggested, was to bolster the pro-Russian separatists and create indefinite destabilization in the country. 

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