Rachel Lynn Aldrich

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Victory for traditional marriage in Illinois

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 6/03/13, 04:40 pm

Traditional marriage will remain intact in Illinois—for now, at least. The Illinois House of Representatives declined to vote on a bill legalizing same-sex marriage before the legislative session ended on Friday. Legislative sponsor, Rep. Greg Harris (D), announced that supporters did not have enough votes to pass the legislation.

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'We were exhausted'

Autism | Desperate parents of autistic children are finding compassionate help through Christian respite care centers
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 11/16/12, 01:00 am

When Trina Eaves took her autistic son Jeremy to the mother’s day out program, he screamed and cried so much she had to pry him from the car. He trampled the other children on the playground as if he did not see them. His entire stay was one long meltdown.

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