Rachel Lynn Aldrich

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New York governor pleads for help

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 3/31/20, 12:34 pm

New York needs 1 million more healthcare workers to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. A 1,000-bed Navy hospital ship arrived at a Manhattan pier on Monday to ease the burden on city hospitals as the city’s death toll neared 1,000. “I am asking healthcare professionals across the country, if you don’t have a healthcare crisis in your community, please come help us in New York now,” Cuomo said.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mary Altaffer

Coronavirus batters New York

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 3/30/20, 11:34 am

Nearly 800 people in New York City have died of COVID-19 since the first infection showed up a month ago. Ambulances have to delay responding to less urgent requests as a record number of 911 calls come in, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said on Sunday. Mayor Bill de Blasio said hospitals would run out of masks, gowns, and other supplies in a week, but officials don’t expect the outbreak to peak in the city for two or three more weeks. The mayor asked the federal government to deliver 400 more ventilators by Wednesday.

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Associated Press/Photo by John Minchillo

U.S. has most coronavirus infections

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 3/27/20, 11:12 am

In New York City, 13 people died of COVID-19 at one Queens hospital in a single day. Some hospitals have so many dying patients the city brought in refrigerated truck trailers to hold bodies as a precaution, while EMT workers responded to nearly 5,800 calls on Thursday alone. Mardi Gras took place a month ago, before most gathering bans took effect, making New Orleans a hot spot for the disease. Now, more than 2,300 people have tested positive in Louisiana. “In the last two weeks our growth rate has been faster than any state or country in the world,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said.

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