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DVD drama gives voice to trafficking victims

Human Trafficking | Caged No More sheds light on the pervasiveness of sex trafficking
by Phil Boatwright
Posted 10/11/16, 03:04 pm

Caged No More tells the story of Aggie (Loretta Devine), an elderly woman looking for two teenage girls she cared for as children. She discovers the girls have been sold into slavery by their own reprobate father (Kevin Sorbo). He sets up his youngest to meet the man who will trick her into a most unfortunate fate by promising her money for modeling.

Aggie learns both youngsters have been taken overseas to be sold into the sex trade. Determined to rescue them, she enlists the help of the girls’ uncle and his son, a former special-forces commando.

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VCI Entertainment

Which version of A Christmas Carol is the best?

by Phil Boatwright
Posted 12/11/15, 03:40 pm

There have been several great renditions of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the well-known story about an old grump who, with the help of three visiting spirits on Christmas Eve, finds the true meaning of being rich. 

George C. Scott did an excellent version for TV in 1984, and Albert Finney played Ebenezer Scrooge in a 1970 movie musical. But my favorite is the 1951 screen adaptation starring Scottish character actor Alistair Sim.

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Two disaster films worth watching

by Phil Boatwright
Posted 7/10/15, 12:58 pm

Several disaster, end-of-the-world pictures are hitting movie screens this year. In fact there’s so many of them, viewers might wonder whether Hollywood knows something the rest of us don’t. These days, disaster films usually are more about the CGI special effects than character, and the language is nearly always peppered with profanity. But two now available on DVD are completely involving and mostly about relationships and the sanctity of life.

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