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Onize is a reporter for WORLD Digital based in Abuja, Nigeria.

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COVID-19: A timeline

Coronavirus | Chinese subterfuge leaves the world in the dark as a pandemic spreads
by Mindy Belz, Angela Lu Fulton, Onize Ohikere & Michelle Schlavin
Posted 5/07/20, 04:20 pm

November 17

A 55-year-old in China’s central Hubei province is the first known person to contract the disease COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus (according to Chinese government data revealed in March 2020).

December 8

Date established by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 reported by Chinese authorities. An analysis of the first 41 patients found 27 had direct exposure to a Wuhan seafood market, although this case did not.

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Associated Press/Photo by LM Otero

Salon owner’s arrest sparks controversy

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/07/20, 01:05 pm

The Texas Supreme Court has ordered Dallas County to release a jailed hair salon owner by 4 p.m. CDT on Thursday. Dallas officials booked Shelley Luther on Tuesday after she defied state coronavirus shutdown orders and ripped up a cease-and-desist letter. Authorities issued her a citation last month after she reopened her salon before receiving authorization and refused to close again. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, on Wednesday condemned the Dallas County judge who handed down the weeklong prison sentence, calling the penalty excessive.

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Associated Press/Photo by Brian Inganga

Flooding kills hundreds in East Africa

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 5/07/20, 11:43 am

More than 260 people have died as heavy rain swept through Kenya, Rwanda, and Somalia in recent weeks. Kenya bore the brunt of the damage, with officials on Wednesday saying floods led to the death of at least 194 people and displaced more than 100,000 others. Rwanda reported 55 deaths, while at least 16 died in Somalia.

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