Onize Ohikere

Onize is a reporter for WORLD Digital based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Associated Press/Photo by Mulugeta Ayene

South Sudan opposition leader flees to DRC

South Sudan | Continued conflict between the country’s factions heaps misery on war-weary residents
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/19/16, 11:03 am

South Sudan’s opposition leader and former vice president, Riek Machar, has fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, a spokesman said yesterday. The UN confirmed it assisted in his departure. Machar’s exit comes weeks after renewed fighting led to increased human rights abuses in the war-torn country.

Machar crossed the border into Congo after a failed attempt to assassinate him, according to spokesman Mabior Garang. After stopping briefly in Kinshasa, Machar plans to travel on to Ethiopia, Garang said.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jerome Delay

Fears spread over global yellow fever outbreak

Africa | Health officials in the DRC begin massive vaccination campaign to keep the disease from becoming an epidemic
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/18/16, 09:38 am

The Democratic Republic of Congo yesterday began an emergency vaccination program to combat the worst yellow fever outbreak in decades, as concerns rise over the possibility of a global spread.

Congo’s government and the World Health Organization are teaming up with Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, and several other international aid groups. They plan to vaccinate about 10.5 million people during the next 10 days in Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, and the region between the capital and the Angolan border.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jessica Hill, File

Aetna defection highlights Obamacare’s affordability problem

Healthcare | Major insurer becomes third to pull out of healthcare exchanges over major financial losses
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 8/17/16, 03:23 pm

Insurance company Aetna announced Monday it will withdraw in 2017 from Obamacare exchanges in 11 of the 15 states in which it currently operates. Aetna is the latest insurer to pull out of exchange plans offered under the Affordable Care Act, reinforcing critics’ early claims the healthcare reform package would not be financially sustainable.

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