Mindy Belz

Mindy wrote WORLD Magazine's first cover story in 1986 and went on to serve as international editor, editor, and now senior editor. She has covered wars in Syria, Afganistan, Africa, and the Balkans, and she recounts some of her experiences in They Say We Are Infidels: On the Run from ISIS with Persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Mindy resides with her husband, Nat, in Asheville, N.C. Follow her on Twitter @mcbelz.

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Hating on the EU

International | British lawmaker gives rousing farewell speech before the European Parliament
by Mindy Belz
Posted 1/30/20, 02:35 pm

BRITAIN: “We love Europe, we just hate the European Union,” lawmaker Nigel Farage told the European Parliament in a rousing final speech in Brussels (see video clip below). The Parliament ratified the withdrawal agreement on Wednesday for Britain’s formal Friday departure from the EU—fulfilling a 2016 British referendum.

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Something’s coming undone

Protest | Unprecedented Middle East protesters beg to be heard
by Mindy Belz
Posted 1/30/20, 02:05 pm

Someday the postgraduate students will study the protest movements underway in the Middle East the way students a generation ago dissected Africa’s independence movements or South America’s guerrilla warlords. 

The streets in Lebanon and Iraq each marked 100 continuous days of protest in January. Lebanon’s prime minister, Saad Hariri, resigned in mid-October, and on day 97 the government named a new head of state and cabinet. Iraq Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi resigned in November, but he has stayed on as a caretaker head of state.

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Free at last

Africa | Sudan’s era of Islamic dictatorship has ended, and the hard work toward achieving democracy has just begun
by Mindy Belz
Posted 1/30/20, 02:01 pm

They said it was the best Christmas in 30 years. On Dec. 25 thousands of Sudanese filled the streets of Khartoum, welcoming not only the birth of Christ but also news that they could celebrate it openly. 

President Omar al-Bashir outlawed public Christmas celebrations in 2011. Throughout a 30-year dictatorship, his Islamist-led government cracked down on Christian worship, confiscated church property, and jailed, tortured, and killed Christian believers. A civil war waged under Bashir’s command against the predominantly Christian south killed more than 2 million people.

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