Mindy Belz

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Theresa May in the hot seat

International | But the British prime minister may survive Wednesday’s no-confidence vote over her handling of Brexit
by Mindy Belz
Posted 12/12/18, 02:25 pm

BRITAIN: Prime Minister Theresa May looks like she may survive a no-confidence vote in Parliament Wednesday evening, as her handling of Brexit comes under fire. Brits increasingly are faced with the choice of leaving the European Union without a negotiated settlement on trade and other major issues, or not leaving the EU after all.

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China calls well-known house church an ‘evil cult’

International | Government officials crack down on Early Rain Covenant Church, arresting 100
by Mindy Belz
Posted 12/10/18, 04:24 pm

CHINA: Authorities launched a crackdown on Early Rain Covenant Church Sunday night, arresting Pastor Wang Yi, all church elders except one, church members, seminary students, and parents of students attending the church schools.

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Associated Press/Photo by Debbie Hill (pool)

Netanyahu clutches victory from jaws of defeat

International | Israeli leader praises the ‘principled stand’ taken by UN General Assembly members to condemn Hamas
by Mindy Belz
Posted 12/07/18, 01:21 pm

UNITED NATIONS: A U.S.-sponsored resolution condemning Hamas received a majority of votes in the UN General Assembly, 87-58, but failed to win the two-thirds majority needed to succeed. In the vote, 32 countries abstained (tally here).

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