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The COVID-19 chasm

Coronavirus | The pandemic divides Americans—even Christians
by Michael Reneau
Posted 7/30/20, 12:54 pm

When Americans turned their gazes toward the coronavirus early this year, many speculated it would wane in the summer heat. Instead, the opposite happened: As temperatures climbed this summer, so have coronavirus infection rates. On July 24 alone, scientists recorded about 74,000 new cases. Though mortality figures haven’t risen as severely, the United States was approaching 150,000 coronavirus deaths as July closed.

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Listening to the unheard

News | The news cycle is loud, but we need to hear those who can’t shout
by Michael Reneau
Posted 7/02/20, 02:43 pm

A bill that Republicans and Democrats barter for in the U.S. Capitol will always have a limited reach in local police departments: Mayors and state governments have far more influence on police procedure. But when representatives and senators in Washington, D.C., deadlocked on police reform in late June, legislators communicated one thing to the majority of Americans who want change: They’re not listening.

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Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Summer sequels

News analysis | The coronavirus spiked the movie blockbuster season, but drama is playing out in real life
by Michael Reneau
Posted 7/02/20, 06:33 am

In June and July, Americans usually fill movie theaters and gobble up hulking tubs of popcorn. But this year the coronavirus derailed a spate of Hollywood sequels and reboots: another James Bond movie, Disney’s live-action Mulan, at least three comic book spinoffs, and even a Top Gun sequel—34 years after the original.

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