Michael Cochrane

Michael is a retired Defense Department engineer and former Army officer who is an adjunct professor of engineering management at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. He is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Follow Michael on Twitter @MFCochrane.

Courtesy of FAIR and NYU School of Medicine

A smarter scanner

Technology | Researchers believe artificial intelligence can improve MRI speeds
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 9/13/18, 03:14 pm

Magnetic resonance imaging, the gold standard of modern diagnostic imaging, provides doctors with greater detail than other imaging techniques, such as X-ray or CT scans. But MRI scans take a long time—anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more. All the while, the patient must lie still inside a claustrophobia-inducing metal tube.

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Jeff Chiu/AP

Help on the spectrum

Technology | Could the Google Glass device benefit kids with autism?
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 8/30/18, 11:34 am

Children with autism seemingly improved their social skills after using a wearable device that helped them recognize emotions in people’s facial expressions, according to new research.

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Quick claims

Technology | Could artificial intelligence replace insurance claims adjusters?
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 8/16/18, 03:12 pm

Your insurance agent may not have been replaced by a computer, but artificial intelligence (AI) may soon take over one of the most critical jobs in the insurance business: accident and disaster appraisal.

Tractable, a London-based startup, is using machine learning to train an AI system to conduct visual damage assessment with the goal of speeding up insurance payouts and access to governmental disaster relief funds.

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