Megan Dunham

Rethinking the standardized test

by Megan Dunham
Posted 5/05/11, 03:21 pm

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Up, up, and away

Faith & Inspiration
by Megan Dunham
Posted 4/21/11, 05:02 pm

A few weeks ago at the weekly homeschool group I direct, one of the families shared a creative way they make prayer "real" for their little kids. They take a piece of paper, write their request on it, and attach it to a helium-filled balloon. As they release the balloon into the sky, they say a prayer for that need.

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Discernment: A cure for Bieber Fever

by Megan Dunham
Posted 4/07/11, 03:00 pm

My oldest daughter was one of many recipients of a mass email this week that said this:

90% of girls all around America would cry if Justin Bieber were about to jump off of a 20-story building. If you are a part of the 10% who would be sitting in a reclining chair with popcorn yelling, "Do a backflip!!!" send this to as many people as possible!

As various responses either in favor of or against Justin Bieber started popping back, my 12-year-old daughter felt compelled to send something a little different. Here's what she wrote:

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