Megan Basham

Megan is film and television editor for WORLD and co-host for WORLD Radio. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and author of Beside Every Successful Man: A Woman's Guide to Having It All. Megan resides with her husband, Brian Basham, and their two daughters in Charlotte, N.C. Follow her on Twitter on @megbasham.

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Joining a mob

Protest | Christians participate in rush to judgment after viral video; only some apologize after context revealed
by Megan Basham
Posted 1/21/19, 12:12 pm

Approximately 15 seconds of video from the March for Life had many Christian leaders united in a harsh condemnation of an anonymous teenage boy this weekend.

The clip showed a tight shot of a Catholic high schooler in a red “Make America Great Again” hat grinning, or, to some minds, sneering, at a Native American veteran who stood inches away playing a drum. The clip was circulated with the claim that the boy and his classmates surrounded and taunted the veteran by chanting, “Build the wall.”

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Jessica Kourkounis/Universal Pictures via AP

Superhero psychoanalysis 

Movie | Comic book movie Glass offers more mental games, fewer battles
by Megan Basham
Posted 1/18/19, 03:20 pm

It’s hard to understand where all the media hate for M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film is coming from. Sure, the famously frugal writer/director has served up some stinkers in his time, but he’s also shown a willingness to take risks in order to delve into meaty themes in fun, unexpected ways. That’s never been more true than with Glass.

From the start, Shyamalan gave himself a difficult task—he made a comic book movie that analyzes what makes comic book movies so popular while avoiding most of the elements everyone loves about comic book movies. 

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Erika Doss/FOX

Passage to nowhere

Television | Fox’s new broadcast series fails where other drama adaptations have succeeded
by Megan Basham
Posted 1/17/19, 03:19 pm

A recent New York Times article titled “Why Traditional TV Is in Trouble” sifted through a variety of ratings data to figure out why the Big Four broadcast networks are losing ratings and becoming less culturally relevant. The authors might have saved themselves some trouble by simply analyzing Fox’s new drama The Passage.

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