Megan Basham

Megan, a regular correspondent for WORLD News Group, is a writer and film critic living in Charlotte, N.C. She is the author of Beside Every Successful Man: A Woman's Guide to Having It All.

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Becoming best friends

Movies | Alpha has strong elements, but it could have been better
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/16/18, 11:08 am

While it’s a visually stunning movie that’s sure to please plenty of dog lovers, you can’t help feeling like Alpha missed an opportunity to be great. What’s there is good enough to provide an afternoon of family fun—and that alone is something to celebrate given it’s one of the few non-animated movies appropriate for most ages—but it could have been so much more.

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A clear afternoon

Movies | Christopher Robin reminds us of the joys of time unplanned
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/02/18, 03:32 am

As modern parents we often find ourselves acting as “event planners” for our kids. We put in countless hours of work so we can afford to create memorable moments like trips to expensive theme parks and elaborate family vacations. What we don’t often give our kids is nothing. That is, the sweet, simple pleasure of having no plans at all: afternoons that wind up as aimless walks in the woods, quiet reading side by side, or leisurely drives headed no place in particular.

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All-American agent

Movies | In Mission: Impossible—Fallout we see an Ethan Hunt who refuses to sacrifice others on the altar of expediency
by Megan Basham
Posted 7/27/18, 02:24 pm

Early in Mission: Impossible—Fallout, there’s a moment that seems intentionally to present a knowing contrast to that other famed international man of intrigue.

In the midst of planning a hijacking mission, an exotic blond femme fatale plants an aggressive kiss on Ethan Hunt’s lips. Bond, James Bond, would have accepted this as par for the course, a perk of the business, so to speak. And the audience would have been primed for the oh-so-sophisticated interlude that would surely occur later in the film.

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