Megan Basham

Megan, a regular correspondent for WORLD News Group, is a writer and film critic living in Charlotte, N.C. She is the author of Beside Every Successful Man: A Woman's Guide to Having It All.


Power players

Religion | A lack of understanding of evangelicalism weakens The Family
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/15/19, 04:25 pm

The new Netflix documentary series, The Family, could have been an insightful exploration of the poisoning effects of secrecy and political power on faith. Instead, it contributes to the divisive age we live in by turning common failings into Da Vinci Code–style conspiracies and subtly suggesting evangelicalism itself is a threat to the nation.

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Seth Johnson/Roadside Attractions and Armory Films

Friends in flight

Movie | The Peanut Butter Falcon reminds us that every person reflects the Creator’s glory
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/15/19, 12:24 pm

As long as there are highways and byways to traverse, it’s hard to imagine audiences will ever grow tired of a good old-fashioned road story. Provided, that is, that we’re traveling in good company. With the new PG-13 indie The Peanut Butter Falcon, we unquestionably are. 

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Marcos Cruz/Netflix

Madcap mission

Movie | The Red Sea Diving Resort highlights an instructive operation to rescue Ethiopian refugees, but R-rated content cheapens the story
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/01/19, 01:27 pm

File Netflix’s latest original film, The Red Sea Diving Resort, in the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction category. Inspired by recently declassified events that occurred in 1980, the film follows a wild Israeli operation to smuggle Ethiopian Jews out of Sudan and relocate them to Israel.

Similar to 2012’s Argo, which centered on the CIA’s fake film production used to extract hostages from Iran, this operation involves a group of Mossad agents acting as seaside hoteliers.

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