Mary Jackson

Mary is a book reviewer and reporter for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute and Greenville University graduate who previously worked for the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal. Mary resides with her family in the San Francisco Bay area. Follow her on Twitter @mbjackson77.

Books for mothers

by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/07/19, 03:28 pm

Mama Bear Apologetics 

Ed. Hillary Morgan Ferrer

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Associated Press/Photo by Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Blaming the messenger

Abortion | Planned Parenthood points the finger at agency that uncovered poor care
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/04/19, 03:43 pm

Planned Parenthood of St. Louis argued last week that overzealous health inspectors were more of a problem than four botched abortions that jeopardized women’s health.

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Getty Images/Photo by Paul Faith

Northern Ireland unsafe for the unborn

Abortion | The United Kingdom overrules a 158-year-old law protecting unborn babies from abortion
by Mary Jackson
Posted 10/28/19, 04:23 pm

Northern Ireland’s long-standing protections for unborn babies crumbled last week. The Parliament of the United Kingdom legalized the practice in the traditionally conservative region by taking advantage of its politically deadlocked government and imposing a sweeping amendment.

“We are quite shell shocked,” said Sammy Morrison, a spokesman for Jim Allister, leader of the Traditionalist Unionist Voice political party. “These are dark days for Northern Ireland. Overnight, the mother’s womb, one of the safest places for the unborn, has become the unsafest.”

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