Mary Jackson

Mary is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute mid-career course and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and four children. Follow Mary on Twitter @mbjackson77

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Dethroning the King of Pop

Media | Documentary accuses Michael Jackson of sexual abuse
by Mary Jackson
Posted 3/08/19, 03:01 pm

Sensational narratives of celebrity sexual abuse scandals are becoming a subgenre in print and television media in the #MeToo era. The Lifetime cable channel ran a docuseries in January detailing allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly, and The New York Times published an exposé on singer-songwriter Ryan Adams in February. Radio stations have since pulled both musicians’ music.

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Revamping TV ratings

Media | The federal government listens to parent concerns about how inappropriate content is labeled
by Mary Jackson
Posted 3/01/19, 04:43 pm

Parents, pediatricians, and child development experts have long decried the TV content rating system as outdated, inaccurate, and vague.

Now, their voices may be heard: The Federal Communications Commission announced this week it is seeking public comments on the 22-year-old ratings system, known as TV parental guidelines. Last month, Congress ordered the FCC to review the ratings system and report on its effectiveness within 90 days as part of a recently passed funding bill.

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Persevering people

Children’s Books | Recent biographies for kids
by Mary Jackson
Posted 2/28/19, 01:29 pm

Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge

Rachel Dougherty

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