Mary Jackson

Mary is a graduate of the World Journalism Institute mid-career course and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and four children. Follow Mary on Twitter @mbjackson77

Pro-abortion spin

Abortion | Pro-life doctors have a different take on abortion pill reversal study
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/16/19, 03:25 pm

A study of abortion pill reversal methods that was halted due to safety concerns only further proves the dangers of drug-induced abortions, pro-life advocates and obstetricians say.

Twelve women enrolled in a University of California, Davis, study took mifepristone, also known as Mifeprex, the first pill in a two-drug regimen to end the baby’s life and send the mother in labor. Researchers gave half of the women a placebo and the other half progesterone, a hormone that has been shown to reverse the effects of mifepristone, saving the unborn baby’s life.

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Photo courtesy of Bob Skovgard

Ectopic extremes?

Abortion | Pro-lifers say proposed Ohio law would not force doctors to do the impossible
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/09/19, 05:44 pm

Bob Skovgard plans to sing Christmas carols outside a Kettering, Ohio, abortion center this week like he has for nearly 25 years. But this year is different than others, he said, because Ohio finally passed a law protecting unborn babies with detectable heartbeats, even though a federal judge has temporarily blocked it.

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Facebook/Mark Lee Dickson

Suspicious activity

Abortion | Louisiana abortion center refuses to cooperate with state investigators
by Mary Jackson
Posted 12/02/19, 04:22 pm

The Louisiana Department of Justice said the abortion facility at the center of an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case has attempted to hide evidence of potential criminal activity. But a federal appeals court upheld a gag order that prevents law enforcement, the high court, and the public from learning the details of the alleged crimes.

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