Marvin Olasky

Marvin is editor in chief of WORLD and the author of more than 20 books, including The Tragedy of American Compassion. His latest book is Reforming Journalism. Follow Marvin on Twitter @MarvinOlasky.

Philly poverty

| Fight it by performing, or by hard work and prayer
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/09/99, 12:00 am

Editors tend to toss aside press releases, but one in a thousand begs for a response.

Flash: The "March of the Americas" was scheduled to begin on Oct. 1, 1999, with representatives of "poor people's organizations" gathering in Washington, D.C., for a 30-day walk to the United Nations in New York. The plan was to have not a dull walk but "an around-the-clock cultural festival, with musicians and poets performing during the day as the March makes its way through five states over thirty days, performing at rallies each night, and performing in bars and clubs."

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It's not beanbag

| But don't run away from politics
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/02/99, 12:00 am

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| Changes in church-state relations may be on the way
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 9/25/99, 12:00 am

I receive these days about 2,000 emails a month, some with attempts at humor, but one I received at winter's end has stuck with me. This one listed anagrams, words or phrases made by transposing or rearranging the letters of other words or phrases. Some were clever: Dormitory transposed into Dirty Room, Desperation into A Rope Ends It, The Morse Code into Here Come Dots, Slot Machines into Cash Lost in 'Em, Snooze Alarms into Alas! No More Z's, and Eleven Plus Two into Twelve Plus One.

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