Marty VanDriel
Jonathan Wenk/CBS

Questioning his Maker

Television | In CBS series God Friended Me, an atheist doubts the divine, with unexpected results
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 9/27/18, 01:12 pm

If God sent you a Facebook friend request, what would you do? That’s the unlikely scenario at the beginning of the new CBS series God Friended Me.

Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall) is an outspoken atheist eager to share his unbelief with the world through his new podcast. He toils absentmindedly during the day in a call center: His real passion is his podcast. Miles lights up with enthusiasm as he debates the existence of God with guests. “There is no proof of God anywhere in the universe,” he states.

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 Jacob Yakob/LD Entertainment

People with pets

Movie | Dogs bring people together in Dog Days
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 8/16/18, 10:14 am

Do we love our pets more than we love people? Are canines and felines more important to 21st-century North Americans than fellow humans, created in God’s image? The previews for Dog Days had me worried that this would be yet another movie where dogs and cats are portrayed as so much worthier than their masters.

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Comedy Dynamics

Long-winded comedy

Television | Jim Gaffigan is funny, but Noble Ape meanders
by Marty VanDriel
Posted 7/18/18, 04:20 pm

Jim Gaffigan has been married 15 years and has five kids: not the typical profile for a popular comedian. His wife, Jeannie, recently survived a brain tumor. Gaffigan drew on their medical experiences for his new special, Noble Ape, available on cable and streaming services.

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