Lynn Vincent

Lynn is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine. She is the New York Times best-selling author or co-author of a dozen non-fiction books, including Same Kind of Different as Me. Lynn resides in San Diego, Calif.

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The road to Utopia

Race Issues | Rioting in the streets is completely logical, but not for the reasons pundits think
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 6/10/20, 02:12 pm

When I was a young teen, my mother tried to strangle me on a Hawaiian beach where we were homeless and living in tents. I had spent much of my childhood in the islands. I was in the minority, a “haole” (white) girl growing up in a liberal (if violent and dysfunctional) family and raised to appreciate the diversity of races amid the predominantly Asian and Pacific Islander culture. When I ran away to escape my mother, my grandmother took me in. She lived in Alabama.

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False convictions, ruined lives

Law | False rape accusations may be statistically ‘rare,’ but they happen every day in the United States
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 3/14/19, 12:15 pm

Editor’s note: This story includes frank discussion of a sexual relationship.

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Surviving the Indianapolis tragedy

Books | Book excerpt: Disaster, death, and prayers for deliverance in the Second World War’s Pacific theater
by Lynn Vincent & Sara Vladic
Posted 7/05/18, 09:23 am

Two Japanese torpedoes sank the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945. Some 300 sailors died right away. Nearly 900 made it into the water alive, but only 316 survived until rescued four to five days later. U.S. Navy vet and former WORLD Features Editor Lynn Vincent is now a best-selling author, and July 10 is publication day for her new book, Indianapolis, co-authored with award-winning filmmaker Sara Vladic. Here’s an excerpt from the book that shows how faith in God helped some to survive—although other believers perished.

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