Les Sillars

Les is a WORLD Radio correspondent and commentator. He previously spent two decades as WORLD Magazine's Mailbag editor. Les directs the journalism program at Patrick Henry College and resides in Purcellville, Va., with his family.

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Traditional marriage apologetics

Marriage | Jennifer Roback Morse of The Ruth Institute defends traditional marriage to young people
by Les Sillars
Posted 4/18/13, 02:20 pm

Jennifer Roback Morse, an economist, rejects the notion that increasing support for homosexual marriage among young people means that its legalization is somehow inevitable. She is founder and president of The Ruth Institute, a project of the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund that promotes traditional marriage to college students and other young adults. The arguments for marriage can work with that group, she said, because they’ve never heard them before. Presented well, the case is “extremely powerful.”

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No vacancy at California birth hotels

Immigration | Technically legal under the Constitution, hotels for foreign women who want to give birth in America are igniting a new immigration debate
by Alaina Gillogly & Les Sillars
Posted 3/12/13, 10:24 am

It started last summer. Neighbors of a tan, sun-baked mansion in Chino Hills, Calif., knew something was going on in the large Spanish-style home with stucco walls and a tiled roof overlooking the community. Cars sped up and down the quiet little road. And a remarkable number of pregnant Asian women came and went throughout the day.

Then in September, disgruntled neighbors became anxious citizens when 2,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled down the hillside.

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Feminists say anti-violence law victimizes women

Politics | Critics say Violence Against Women Act leaves women vulnerable to abuse
by Les Sillars & Jae Wasson
Posted 3/07/13, 10:23 am

In 1993 the Los Angeles Times described how paramedics found a woman named Laura with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and heavy bleeding from the brain. She refused to say how it happened. Her husband said she fell down the stairs, only there was no blood on the stairs.

She called the police another time and said her husband, 6-foot-7 and drunk, was “pushing her around.” The police found her bleeding from her arm and leg, but arrested no one. A few days later, Laura died in hospital.

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