Les Sillars

Les is a WORLD Radio correspondent and commentator. He previously spent two decades as WORLD Magazine's Mailbag editor. Les directs the journalism program at Patrick Henry College and resides in Purcellville, Va., with his family.


Book review | The Executive Unbound prescribes aspirin for a metastasizing administrative state
by Les Sillars
Posted 9/08/11, 09:40 pm

The Executive Unbound(Oxford University Press) is one of those books that put you to sleep when you read it but keep you awake at night worrying about it. Law professors Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule make the case that "legal liberalism" as a guiding philosophy of American government has failed-but don't worry, they say, we'll be fine: Politics and public opinion will save us from would-be American dictators.

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Necessary and reasonable

Abortion | Virginia pro-lifers urge support of proposed abortion facilities rules
by Les Sillars
Posted 8/30/11, 04:55 pm

The pro-life Family Foundation of Virginia is urging residents to contact the Virginia Department of Health to support proposed abortion clinic regulations, released Friday, that were mandated by the General Assembly earlier this year.

A new law requires the Virginia Board of Health to regulate abortion facilities in the same fashion as hospitals, beginning in January. Abortion clinics currently follow far less stringent rules designed for doctors' offices. The Board will vote on the proposed regulations on Sept. 15.

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GOP primary voter in SD-22 (AP/Photo by Kim Raff)

Bellwether state?

Politics | Virginia could affect national scene if conservative GOP slate retakes the state Senate
by Les Sillars
Posted 8/29/11, 07:58 pm

Around 10 percent of eligible voters turned out for Virginia's primary races last week, but those few voters could end up having an outsized impact on politics nationwide if Republicans end up taking the state Senate this November with their new slate of strongly conservative candidates.

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