Laura Edghill

Laura Edghill is a freelance writer, church communications director, and public school board member living in Clinton Township, Mich., with her engineer husband and three sons. She is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Follow Laura on Twitter @LTEdghill.

Associated Press/Photo by David GoldmanJohn Milburn

Court shoots down Kansas' latest answer to school-funding crisis

by Laura Edghill
Posted 6/30/15, 10:15 am

A district court panel in Kansas ruled Friday that critical components of the state’s new block-grant school funding law violate the state’s constitution. The block-grant law was an attempt by the Kansas legislature to reduce inequalities in school finances and stabilize funding streams to more predictable formulas.

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Associated Press/Photo by Jose Luis Magana

Taxpayers on the hook for Corinthian Colleges student loan bailout

Higher Education
by Laura Edghill
Posted 6/25/15, 03:15 pm

Taxpayers will be on the hook for a massive student loan bailout the federal government is offering students left stranded after the beleaguered for-profit Corinthian Colleges chain abruptly closed its doors in April. The debt-relief plan could cost taxpayers as much as $3.6 billion.

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Associated Press/Photo by Carlos Osorio, file

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law late last week three bills that provide protections for faith-based adoption agencies that don’t want to place children with same-sex couples.

Adoption agencies routinely use discretion when placing children, including evaluating the prospective parents’ marital status, mental and physical health, the presence of additional children in the home, and any history of misdemeanor or felony convictions.

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